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Aug 27, 2020

In this episode of Podcasting Business School I'm chatting with Debra Kasowski from the Millionaire Woman Show.

Debra, the charismatic host of the positive, thought-provoking podcast, The Millionaire Woman Show, is committed to enriching the leadership potential of her countless devoted clients. She guides them to go within to uncover their vast inner resources and capitalize on their true personal power.  Debra shows us that we can achieve the measurable success we desire in business and in life.

Check out episode 108 of Podcasting Business School as Debra and I discuss:

  • How she got started in podcasting.
  • What is working really well right now for her show and her business around her show.
  • Her top podcasting tips.
  • What she wishes she had done differently when she first launched her podcast.

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