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Sep 24, 2020

Today I'm doing a podcaster profile interview with my friend Lisa Cherney from the Get F***ing Real podcast (GFR).

Lisa Cherney has been advising millionaire entrepreneurs for over 20 years.  She is the host of the ground-breaking confession-based GFR (Get F’n Real) podcast.

In 2014, after 15 years in business, Lisa got f’n real and dismantled her successful 7-Figure business. Now she helps soulful entrepreneurs GFR so they can get out of their own way, help more people and make more money!

Check out episode 116 of Podcasting Business School as Lisa and I discuss:

  • Where she sees BIG opportunity for podcasters to monetize their show.
  • Interview techniques to help us get our guests to be more vulnerable.
  • How to better serve our podcasting audience.
  • Quick action step tips for rookie podcasters.

Connect with Lisa:

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