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Dec 17, 2020

If you have been feeling like your podcast growth has been stalled out this episode is going to help you get moving in the right direction again!

Today I'm chatting with Luis Diaz from Podcast Domination Show and author of How To Get Your First 100,000 Downloads in 100 Days.

Luis has launched and consulted for 50+ podcasts and helped his clients generate over 5.5 Million Downloads. He’s helped some of the most well-known entrepreneurs and personal brands online build their podcast from NFL athletes, Olympic medalists, nine-figure entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and many more thought leaders across a dozen or more industries.

Check out episode 140 of Podcasting Business School as Luis and I discuss:

  • The BIG mistakes he sees podcasters making that are hurting their growth or wasting their time.
  • A strategy about how you can actually BUY your ideal audience.
  • The three levels of podcast marketing that we need to be aware of and using.
  • Paid podcast advertising strategies that are working.
  • How to book bigger name guests and get booked on bigger podcasts.
  • Some things to try if our podcast growth is stalled out.

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