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Dec 24, 2020

I'm bringing a different type of conversation to the table this week Pod Pals!

We are all out there putting in major work to grow our podcasting brands and our businesses but it is also super important to not let all of this time, effort, and energy destroy our marriage.

To tackle this tough topic I've brought in Monica Tanner the host of the podcast On The Brighter Side: Marriage for Entrepreneurs.  Monica is a highly successful podcaster, mom, wife, and relationship and intimacy expert.

Check out episode 142 of Podcasting Business School as Monica and I discuss:

  • The most common struggle zone entrepreneurs have in their marriage.
  • Her marriage tips for the entrepreneur in the relationship.
  • Her marriage tips for the non-entrepreneur in the relationship.
  • How we can find balance between the time and effort we invest in our business and in our relationships.

Connect with Monica:


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