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Dec 31, 2020

I'm going to keep it real with you Pod marketing isn't the sexiest of podcasting topics BUT if you can level up this important skill set you are going to level up your ability to properly connect with your audience and potentially convert more of those people into paying customers.....sound good??

Check out episode 144 of Podcasting Business School as I chat with email marketing wizard Kimberly Weitkamp from the Audience Converter Podcast.

In this episode we cover: 

  • How she defines a successful email campaign.
  • What email marketing strategies are working well right now?
  • Email titles: what you should do and what you should NOT do.
  • Making that 1st email really count.
  • Are lots of links and images OK or are they hurting our open rate?
  • Ideas for "value add" weekly emails.

Connect with Kimberly:


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