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Sep 5, 2019

Today we are Casting The Pod with my friend Mark Crandall from the Purpose Chasers Podcast!

Mark’s success as an entrepreneur has made him a highly sought-after Transformational Life and Business Coach, Clinical Interventionist, as well as a Motivational Speaker.

He and his carefully curated circle of Transformational Life and Business Coaches do not believe that anyone lacks motivation; what they may lack, instead, is vision. 

Mark has proven this principle in his own life by building a six-figure company within five months of its start; by publishing his renowned first memoir Eulogy of Childhood Memories; by leading fruitful corporate workshops;  and by inspiring a following through paid motivational speaking events.

Listen into this episode as Mark and I discuss:

  • Why he started his first podcast....and then his second one.
  • Who is is trying to serve with his shows and how he's trying to serve them.
  • He answers the question "Should we be paying to be on podcasts?"
  • He gives us a tip to avoid a big newbie podcaster mistake.

Connect with Mark:


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