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Mar 5, 2020

Today I'm Casting The Pod with my friend Lonnee Rey from the Mid Life My Ass I'm just getting started podcast.

Lonnee is known as a facilitator of great people, products & services. She brings a diverse range resources & options, saving clients time, money & frustration.  Her singular goal is to enhance & advance your brand's authentic expression.
Currently known as one of the few podcast guest trainers in the world, she trainsNervous Nelly's how to confidently use the 'Global Microphone' to speak their truth (in no uncertain terms!) on podcasts, in person & on video.
Combining over 20 years as a spokes model for multi-national brands, with experience working in TV/film & radio broadcasting, marketing, copy writing and public speaking, she elevates her clients to a level of preparedness few can offer.
Check out episode 075 of Casting The Pod as Lonnee and I discuss:
How she got her start in podcasting.
How we can turn out podcasting content into a best selling book.
Tips for being better and being interviewed.
Quick tips for rookie podcasters.
Here is how you can connect with Lonnee Rey:
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