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Podcasting Business School: Podcasting tips for entrepreneurs, service providers, and coaches.

Nov 26, 2020

This episode is going to over deliver on two key aspects of podcasting business building:

1. How to quickly grow your email list with IDEAL audience members.

2. How to structure your offer pricing and how to introduce offers at various price levels.

I'm bringing in my Pod Pal Michael Neeley from The PodQuest Show to deliver the goods on these topics!

Michael is a veteran podcaster with several shows that are all monitized and growing rapidly. I recently spoke at his PodQuest virtual event and he blew my mind with his info on email list growth and sales structure and strategy so I knew I needed to have him on the show to deliver on these topics......and of course...he CRUSHED IT!

Check out episode 134 of Podcasting Business School as we dive deep on the topics of:

  • His lessons learned from converting his live event into a virtual event because of the pandemic.
  • The specific details of his group giveaway technique that can literally add thousands of people to your email list.
  • How to use the group giveaway technique as an income generation source.
  • His best practices for creating pricing tiers for your offers.
  • Specific advice on when and when not to deliver offers at various price points.

There is a LOT of gold in this episode so take good notes Pod Pals!

Connect with Michael:

Use the promo code PBS450 for a SWEET discount on his event!


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