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Podcasting Business School: Podcasting tips for entrepreneurs, service providers, and coaches.

May 25, 2021

I love it when I figure out a simple business hack that makes building relationships that can lead to making sales easier! In today's episode I've got a really good one for you!

Check out episode 177 of Podcasting Business School as I discuss:

*What service I'm using for scheduling and how much I'm paying for it.

*What you should be asking for besides "name" and "email" when someone schedules with you for the first time.

*The key series of questions that I ask when I'm doing a one on one or discovery session.

*What I see other podcasters adding to their interview scheduling form that is worth a try.

In the 2nd half of this episode I do a Podcast Audit with Nils Davis from The Secrets of Product Management where we discuss:

*Ideas for dialing in on a niche and rebranding.

*Adding weekly content that will promote a coaching service. 


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