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Oct 20, 2020

Do you suffer from podcast download depression? Many podcasters do, and today I'm here to deliver four tips to help you drive UP your downloads.

Now, I'm not talking about just getting downloads....I'm talking about getting downloads from your IDEAL audience members that could become paying clients.

Check out episode 123 of Podcasting Business School as I discuss:

  • How you should be using the search feature of Apple Podcasts to connect with your ideal audience members and get booked on more shows.
  • How I'm using podcast intro promo swaps and the exact script I use when I do these.
  • My number ONE download growth method that I'm using right now.....that no one else is even talking about!
  • Why you need to be doing follow up interviews with your guests on IG and how to get their audience members to listen to your podcast.

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